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I've created this complete workbook and resource for you so that you can start getting your ideal affiliates on board with your affiliate program, and start increasing your sales exponentially (minus the exponential increase in work on your part).

This download includes TWO done-for-you scripts for approaching potential affiliates. These are the exact scripts I use to attract my perfect-fit affiliates, who then help me sell my products from their blogs and websites. Oh, and did I mention it's FREE? Get it, girl.

I created this detailed guide and free workbook/resource booklet for you so you can woo your ideal affiliate partnerships, and grow your one-woman-show into something big.

Affiliates are how I went from $0 to five-figure months and being able to make a full-time income from blogging. They are an essential part of my blogging success and how I run my businesses.

Whether you sell services, physical products, or are an online educator – digital products are an essential extra income stream. They can definitely become your biggest, most profitable income stream if you market your product well. I started out as a coach and consultant (paid hourly, always looking for clients), but transitioned into making a full-time income from digital products because of this magical little trick I discovered: affiliates.

When you’re a solopreneur, you have way too much to do every single day. And there’s a lot of conflicting information about how much of your time should be spent marketing yourself and your business, versus how much time you should spend creating for your business (50/50? 80/20?). What if you could “outsource” your marketing to someone else, without having to hire an employee?

Having a good affiliates is like having an awesome sales team, minus the huge budget. Affiliates get paid a commission, so you only pay them when they refer a sale your way. You can grow exponentially, even as a one-woman-shop, if you use the right affiliate strategy.

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