TFS 007: How to Leverage a Small List with Adrienne Dorison

TFS 007: How to Leverage a Small List with Adrienne Dorison | Femtrepreneur Co.

Today’s guest is Adrienne Dorison from, a success strategist, entrepreneur, and host of the podcast The School of Self-Mastery. We discuss how Adrienne quit her day job, launched a 6-figure course, and paid off her student loan debt – all while starting with a tiny list. Prepare to be inspired!  


Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • Introducing Adrienne Dorison (1:25) 
  • Why effort doesn’t equal progress (3:35) 
  • Self-sabotage and fear (10:50) 
  • Why Adrienne started her business and how she transitioned (12:40) 
  • Adrienne’s first launch (19:15) 
  • Building confidence in charging for your content (25:00) 
  • Transitioning from a free challenge to a paid course (30:45) 
  • Making time for the hustle (36:00) 
  • Working with and benefits of a little list (43:00) 
  • Launching when you’re ready, not when you have a big list (56:30) 
  • Adrienne’s struggles in business (1:08:50) 
  • Predictions for the future of course creation (1:12:15) 


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