My Schedule As a Full-time Blogger

Blogging is an awesome job, I'm not gonna lie.

Being able to create my own schedule is one of the best parts of blogging as a business. I love that I can take breaks, go out into the garden, hang out with my boyfriend, and really take advantage of any and all opportunities that might come up spontaneously.

Thanks to the nature of the job, I can go to conferences and events that I would miss if I were glued to a desk all day.

That being said, not having a set schedule has it’s own special challenges.

I learned how to be self-motivated, set my own goals and reach deadlines without any supervision because I went to a progressive college that was “non-residential”, meaning that each student did his or her work completely independently from wherever they were in the world, and had monthly check-ins with an advisor. This experience taught me how to embrace the unpredictable, take advantage of the moment, and ultimately figure out how to work for myself from home.

Though I don’t have a hard-and-fast schedule and appreciate that each day is a little different, I have figured out how to make the most of each day as a blogger and would like to share with you how I make it work. Behold, a typical day in the life of a blogger.

The night before:

Write down some ideas for things to work on the next day. 2-3 items is usually enough for me to focus on. I might put down something like

  • Write a new blog post
  • Create accompanying image for post
  • Write 3,000 words towards a bigger project like a course or book I’m working on
  • Collaborate with Matt on some design projects

6:30 AM - wake up and get out of bed. I like to wake up before my boyfriend gets up so that I can do some work while he’s still asleep. Once he wakes up we usually get to talking and collaborating so I like having my “me” time in the morning. First thing I do is make a cup of tea (either chai, green, or something herbal depending on my mood and what I have to accomplish that day). Then I look at reddit, aww over some cute dogs, and get to work!

7:00 - 8:30 - Write! I love writing early. My brain is functioning and I have all my fresh bed-time ideas. I try to write a new post during this time of inspiration and clarity. You know, before the day really kicks in and things get hectic.

8:30 - Breakfast - I eat only proteins and greens throughout the week because I have a problem with sugar and carbs making me extremely tired and thus dysfunctional. (In college I went to doctors and specialists hoping to find out why I couldn’t just eat crap like all of my friends, turns out I just can’t tolerate carbs and sugars and expect to stay awake!). Breakfast is usually eggs, spinach, spicy beans, tomatoes and salsa.

9:30 - 11 - Hang out with Matt when he wakes up, watch the Daily Show or something. At this point I’ve already written for 2 hours and am happy to take a little break. Does anyone else have “day shows” and “night shows”? I feel like some shows are ok to watch while the suns out and others just aren’t. Hmm, maybe that's weird.

11:00 - 11:30 - Work out! Getting exercise is essential for my focus, energy levels, and health. When you work from home and love doing what you do, it can be easy to forget to get up and move around. Sitting at your desk all day is not good for you, and your brain needs breaks (I actually use a standing desk so I don’t sit all day but exercise is still important!). I find that my brain focuses better and my energy skyrockets after a good workout, giving me a second wind to make the most of the afternoon ahead.

11:30 - 1:30 - More writing and business-related stuff. If I’ve already published or finished up a new blog post I’ll continue working on ongoing projects like new e-courses, eBooks, or work for clients. If I have been writing all morning I might take this time to work on blog graphics for upcoming blog posts (Pinnable, brand-recognizable graphics for each post). Though most of my day is writing, I also have to do social media and other business-related tasks like keep track of income (fun!) and expenses (important!).

1:30 - Lunch! Just like breakfast, lunch is a healthy meal because I have to remain energized and focused for the afternoon. Mexican bowl, soup, and salad are all regular meals. No sugar or carbs, or else the afternoon is a bust. My weekday routine is pretty strict because I like to get shit done. During this break I usually check out reddit, look at Pinterest, and look at other blogs that I like.

2:30 - Collab. I can’t describe how awesome it is to work with your significant other (if it’s the right fit, it can be REALLY awesome!). In the afternoon my boyfriend and I usually collaborate on new projects, brainstorm, do business planning and research, and more big-picture stuff. It’s a fun part of the day after the morning of hard, hard work alone at my computer. Together we’ll work on design projects, build new websites, address all of the random problems and unexpected issues that come with being a young entrepreneur, and plan out solutions. Sometimes we just daydream about big things we want to do, where we want to take our businesses, and how to make those things happen.

5:00 - Dinner

Evening - Relax! Sometimes I actually keep writing and researching after dinner or later on at night, if the mood strikes (what can I say, I love my work!). Matt and I will watch a movie, read to each other, go play tennis, bike rides, etc. Though I don’t have a hard and fast rule like some people (“No work after 5 ever!”), it’s nice to give your brain a break at the end of the day.

The greatest thing about blogging as a business is being able to take opportunities when they arise. Though my typical day looks a lot like this, it varies all the time.

That’s what I love about it - I never get bored. Each day I get to research and write about something new that I’m interested in. In the afternoons I work on all sorts of various projects big and small.

I like the variety of running my own business. I like being able to pursue big opportunities that come up. If I have to take a 3 day weekend to go to an important social event, I can do that no problem, I don’t ask anyone for permission.

So when you’re working for yourself enjoy the spontaneity and open schedule, but keep your own hours so that you make the most of each day. When the work you do directly correlates to more money in your bank account, it isn’t hard to feel motivated to get to work each day and be productive!