How To Create an E-Product in 3 Days (With Some Help!)

Way back in September (okay, like a few weeks ago), I took part in Regina’s (of awesome #3DayCreate challenge. The idea was to create a new e-product, like an eBook, course or video tutorial, in just 3 days. 

I’ve created, launched, and sold out of a lot of products. I’ve written so many sales pages I literally do it in my sleep. I have a solid system for creating digital products down. But, I’ve never created an ENTIRE product - content, images, sales page and marketing plan, in just 3 days. It usually takes me 2-3 weeks to design and write a new course. I wasn’t really sure that I COULD actually do it in 3 days. 

But Regina made it all possible (and FUN) with her 60 Page guidebook - where she broke down all of the steps into 3 segments, one section for each day. So instead of just working through a workbook at my own pace, I was really motivated to check off the list she broke down for us day by day. 

I thought I’d share some tips with you that I learned by creating and designing a new e-course in just 3 days. These are the things that make it possible!

The EPIC table of contents from Regina's 3 Day Create Workbook - which you can get right here. Seriously, go get it so you know what I'm talking about when I say how awesome it is.

The EPIC table of contents from Regina's 3 Day Create Workbook - which you can get right here. Seriously, go get it so you know what I'm talking about when I say how awesome it is.

Here’s what I learned from #3DayCreate:


It’s totally possible to do something really amazing in a short amount of time. You could write a 60 page eBook in 3 days, or create a video class. But you can’t do it if you don’t have a plan and spend 1/3 of your day wondering what the next step is. That’s why Regina’s guide was so essential to the weekend’s success: it’s not that I haven’t created e-products many times before or that I don’t know what to do, but having a 3 day guide that breaks down each day into a few concrete things you need to accomplish really keeps you on track. So, either use Regina’s awesome guide or come up with your own detailed checklist or outline BEFORE you start your own 3-Day Create session. (I can't recommend Regina's workbook highly enough - it's super helpful AND nice to look at!).



Creating something as big as an E-Course in 3 days is ambitious. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart! But, if you break down ANY huge task into small chunks, it becomes a series of fun little challenges instead of a big scary mountain to climb.

Whether you’re planning on spending 3 days or 3 weeks creating your next digital product, you simply must break it down into  little achievable steps. Divvy up the work in a way that makes sense to you. Divide your project into a series of little things on a checklist so that you can check off one thing every few hours. Checking off boxes is kind of addictive. 


Yeah, I didn’t actually work the ENTIRE weekend (though I did have two 16-hour days!). I took breaks to enjoy some delicious Banh Mi sandwiches and avocado shakes, and some Korean BBQ on Day 3 to celebrate. I watched a movie with my boyfriend in between writing sessions. And I listened to a lot of music to keep me pumped up.

If you don’t take breaks, you’re going to burn out. Sometimes, when we’re so frustrated that we haven’t accomplished THAT thing, we just waste time thinking about it and staring at a screen. Stop that. Go outside. Go for a run. You’re no good if you’re burnt out - so make sure you take care of yourself. 



The most important thing about this #3DayCreate challenge was that it happened in a “group”. There were about 5 other people that I kept in constant contact with via Twitter and email, checking in on each other, encouraging each other, and cheering each other on.

When I had a question, I’d ask my other #3DayCreate pals what they thought about it. BAM - with their support I felt ready to make the decision on hand and move onto the next thing. Working on something among of group of digital pals doing the same thing was invaluable. It’s what motivates you and keeps you on track. It gives you accountability. And when you’re aiming to make magic in 3 days you need that! I really think this was the most important and valuable part of the whole challenge. I made a bunch of cool friendly connections doing it!

Regina has said she will be hosting another #3DayCreate this year. I know I’ll be participating again, it was such a great way to finally finish something I’d had in my idea notebook for months. The day before the #3DayCreate weekend began, I was like “I definitely don’t have time to do this. I just got home from a week long trip and will be leaving again in 4 days for another 2 week trip - no way this is gonna happen”.

But it did happen. And it was fantastic. And you can totally do it too. 

If you want to have your own 3 Day Create, you can get the guidebook right here and get started right now. If you follow Regina’s workbook, you’ll be genuinely freaked out at how much shit you’ve accomplished in a long weekend. Good luck!

And a HUGE thanks to Regina for putting this together and just being epic, awesome, and lovely in every way.