An awesome, FREE live workshop for freelancers and creative entrepreneurs! How to go from Freelancer to Business Owner: The Seven Essential Income Streams OF FREELANCERS & CREATIVES

Not charging what your worth?

Hit the "client ceiling" but want to create more income in your business?

Want to transition away from client work and start building and launching your own products?

Ready to stop acting like "just a freelancer" and become THE go-to expert in your niche or industry?


Friend and creative entrepreneur Paul Jarvisand I are teaching a FREE workshop Saturday July 25th for freelancers, creative entrepreneurs, and awesome people of the Internet (which Paul invented).

Theworkshop is all about the SEVEN most important income streams you need as a creative entrepreneur or freelancer.

One of my favorites is a technique you can implement to start making money outside of your clients in the next seven days (yes!).

UPDATE: You missed the webinar! Better get on the list so that doesn't happen again :)

This is all happening Saturday, July 25th, at 2 pm Eastern (that's 11 am Pacific).

I'm just looking over our outline while I'm writing this, and holy shit are we covering a lot of ground in this workshop. This is top-notch, "I can't believe I never thought of that!" REALLY awesome kinda stuff. I'm just as excited to learn from Paul as I am to deliver some of my own ideas.

From Freelancer to Business Owner: The 7 Essential Income Streams of Freelancers and Creative Entrepreneurs

We're going to show you...

  • Why freelancers and creatives need multiple revenue streams to build a successful business (and our 7 favorites)
  • How to transition from client work to selling your own products
  • How you can establish yourself as an expert that can charge expert rates.
  • How to monetize your blog, podcast, or video content in awesome (non-icky) ways.
  • How to validate and pre-sell your product idea without wasting time
  • The fastest way to create and launch a product in the next week (seriously) - this I'm super excited about!
  • PLUS a LIVE Q & A Session so you get all of your questions answered (ask us anything!)

This is a really awesome opportunity to come hang out with us and get some personal advice. Even if you can't come live, register to get the replay!!

UPDATE: This webinar was a hit! Get on the list so you don't miss the next one!

Bring your questions, your excuses, your ideas, and your fears - we'll bust right through them.