$30k in 30 Days: How do you make money with webinars?

"How much can you make with webinars?"

(I know you’ve been thinking about this. My new masterclass Webinar Rockstar™ is now available, and the questions and tweets are coming in.)


When I tell people how webinars have benefited my business, they seem incredulous.


I’m making more in a week than most people make in a month with regular marketing methods.


But all these “numbers” - what do they mean? I mean, do you have to already have a huge list to make this work? (hint: nope!). How many people can you expect to show up to yours?

And mostly - I want to show you my results.


Butt-naked, real-talk. No bullshit.

I think they speak for themselves.

Today I’m going to break down for you how I did $30k in revenue in 30 days from webinars - WITHOUT A PRODUCT. That’s right - I had an idea, a concept, and I was pre-selling. I was “gauging interest”.


Here’s the thing:

Most people build their businesses and products (programs, packaged services, etc) completely backwards.

They spend 6 months making a product.

Then they start building up their audience and list. Woops, they waited too long! They put product before audience. Bad.

Then they launch. A big investment. Hours of time, money, energy.

They hope that people buy their stuff - but it’s not guaranteed. There’s a real chance that it could...flop.


Let’s look at the alternative.

This is exactly what I did - because it freaking works!

  1. Do a webinar about a topic you might like to create a product on. As long as you have an idea or concept, you’re good to go.

  2. PRESELL your idea. I did this for 30 days before my product was released. If you get sales - congratulations! You have a solid idea! You have been validated and can start working on that product. And if nobody buys - no big deal! You haven’t spent months creating something, so you put that idea in your pocket and pitch a new one.

  3. If they like your idea and you make some sales - YAY! Time to start creating that product.

  4. NOW you can do your launch. You have shown demand, you have your product validated, and you have some initial sales.



Okay, so let’s look at the behind the scenes of $30k in 30 days.
...Without a product.


At this point, I was just pre-selling. I had an idea and an outline. You can do this too. I promise, it's not that weird.


Over that period, I did 4 webinars. Each one brought in $5-$8k in sales.


The first webinar I did, 200 people registered. The second one, 400 registered and 600 watched. From there, I could get 800 people to register and tell their friends.


Some of them were bundles.

Some of them were joint webinars.

Some of them were solo!

(Some of them were even affiliate webinars - meaning I didn't even need my own product I just got a commission!).


Step 1. I came up with an idea. I wrote it down. I outlined it. I made a rough sales page.

Step 2. Joint webinar with a friend in my niche. We do $4k in an hour. Mind blown.

Step 3. I do a webinar with someone else in my niche launching something in a similar time frame. We bundle our products and 25 people buy my $200 product in 12 hours.

At this point I’m thinking - this shit really works. Holy crap. I’m learning more and more about webinars every day - because this is changing EVERYTHING for me and my business.

Step 4. I pitch a total stranger about doing a webinar together. She says yes, and we team up for a webinar bundle. Results coming up in another blog post. They are INSANE to say the least.

Step 5. I do my first solo webinar after building up my courage with partners. This one blows every other webinar out of the water. The post-webinar sequence converts like crazy.

Step 6. I utilize the webinar REPLAY in a unique way to promote the product - and it triples my expected sales.


You don’t need a finished product to start making money with webinars


(and if you don't have any product - I’ll still show you how to make money with webinars in 3 fun ways next week! If you can pitch, you can do this).


You don’t need a big list - that’s what webinars are for!


You don’t need a blog, a social following - you can literally build up your business with webinars.

ALSO - don’t get caught up in the big numbers. Doing $1k or $2k on your webinars is AMAZING!

Think about this: you’re trying to build up your business to doing 1k, 2k, 3k each month with clients and products - and it feels like an uphill battle.

Doing ONE webinar per week could allow you to make that income from your business.

And yes - we’re talking about money and revenue today - but there are so many other reasons you need to be doing webinars right now.

  1. Grow your email list (add 400 new subscribers in a matter of days? Yes please!)

  2. Get known as THE expert in your niche

  3. Increase trust and build connections

...and so much more. It’s not ALL about the money.


Case studies, please!

Okay, so that was just the first 30 days. What’s happened since then?

$5100 in 3 hours.

Not sure what to do a webinar about?

Teach a simple technical skill or do a tutorial on how you use a software, technology, or program!

Don't discount the simple ideas. They can be magic.

A few weeks ago I did a webinar about how to set up your MailChimp account and send your first campaign. Something I do literally every day. It seems so simple to me!

But that ended up being a super successful webinar training - and led to $5100 in sales during the broadcast (not to mention how I monetized the recording - bringing in passive income everyday! All this is covered in detail in Webinar Rockstar™).

300 products sold. In 24 hours.

One thing you’ll learn about in Webinar Rockstar™ is just how important having an irresistible offer is and how to create one.

This particular case study is the PERFECT example of an offer that was literally too good to pass up (as in - I STILL get angry emails from people that missed the bundle offer! People BEGGING me to take their money!).

Pricing can be tricky. You can either sell more products at a lower price point or less volume at a higher price point (unless you have what we call a unicorn).

Oftentimes, the revenue numbers even out.

In this case study - we sold almost 300 bundle products precisely because the offer was so affordable. You don’t need a big, expensive product to kill it. You can do it with an eBook. A service package. We created an IRRESISTIBLE OFFER. Hence, the huge number sales (and $7k in revenue).



Just a reminder - Webinar Rockstar™ arrives on August 16th - and the price goes up that day too.

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"No one is going to show up! I'm nervous! I can't!"

I know a lot of you are thinking: "But I don’t have a list of 500 or 1000 people to tell about my webinar. This won’t work for me. No one will come."

(This is wrong for two reasons).

  1. I can show you how to get people to show up. And doing webinars will BUILD YOUR LIST BIG TIME.

  2. You don’t need more than a handful of people to do a super successful webinar.


In the next blog post, I’m going to show you how one of my colleagues did $5k in sales from an audience of less than 30 people. Yep, 30.


PS: I have one quick action item for you today.

I want you to think about what it would mean for you to be THE go-to expert in your industry.

To have the recognition and “business fame” in your niche.

To be the rockstar of your industry - with more clients, customers, and influencers knocking at your door than you can handle.

What does that look like for you?

Would you collaborate with someone big?

Launch something knowing it would be a hit?

Take 15 minutes and really go wild.




Now in the comments tell me what you’d do.

My new masterclass, Webinar Rockstar™, shows you step-by-step exactly how to create, promote, and profit from your own webinars.




  •  Your profitable webinar topic
  •  An outline for your webinar that engages, educates, and sells your product
  •  A LIVE webinar registration page
  •  A marketing plan to get people to your webinar and onto your email list
  •  Checklist and calendar for the week leading up to and day of your webinar