1.5 Hours of Badass Blogging + Business Advice: Watch the Video

Well, it's not every day two badass babes get together on the Internet and broadcast their weirdnesses I mean SUPER HELPFUL ADVICE AND ANSWERS TO ALL THE QUESTIONS OF THE UNIVERSE live.

But yesterday was awesome, Sarah Morgan and I had a freaking blast talking to everyone and answering questions and doling out smart sounding sound bites.

Ever wondered what our faces look like moving or what we sound like?


Watch the replay right here >>>


Highlights include:

Mariah talks about how to combine your WEIRDNESSES and find your niche.

Sarah explains why we both use bad words all the time (contrary to popular belief, you really don't want everyone to like you and your blog!)

Mariah get's overly passionate (could be mistaken for anger) about creating and promoting YOUR products and not the products of other companies.

Sarah explains why the cart escalator at Target is so scary and what to do about it (hehe).

....and much more!



1. The principles of designing a blog that converts, and the 3 things that are turning your readers off right now.

2. The quickest way to build your email list (this is the one simple tactic I used to go from 0-2000 email subscribers in less than 3 months).

3. How to create content your readers will love to share (long form blog posts, breaking content up with headings, knowing your ideal reader, using high-quality photos)

4. How to turn your blog into a business with your own products (everything about creating, selling, launching, and promoting your eBooks and courses).

5. How to use your personality to attract your ideal customers




I use SumoMe for social sharing buttons on my site, which has helped me grow my blog with pinterest and twitter.

I use DPD (Digital Product Delivery) to sell my eBooks and process payments.

I use Squarespace for my site and I change the template quite a bit, but right now I'm using Hayden.

Sarah uses:  

WooCommerce: - selling digital (and non-digital products) products
Ninja Forms:  - forms to provide free downloads and collect emails 
Create Space:  - Amazon's self-publishing platform

Sarah creates ebooks with iBooks Author  and Pages for Mac (recommend Pages '09 - more feature than the newest version).

Get awesome stock photos from Death to the Stock Photo, PhotoPin, CreativeMarket .


To learn more about building your email list quickly, read my post Zero to 600 in 30 Days: How to grow your email list quickly with content upgrades

For all the details about creating, selling, and promoting your own products read The Ultimate Guide to Creating, Selling, and Marketing Your Own eBooks and Digital Products


And if you need to whip your blog into shape and want to come and hang out with me AND Sarah in the Badass Babes Blog Club and E-Course  (yes - I'm in there every week too!) today is the last day to join.