FREE WORKSHOP: How to do your own webinars on a DIY budget!

This past Sunday was Webinar Rockstar™ LIVE.

It was absolutely INSANE. 7 hours of live course training. By the end we were like a big family all setting up our first JV webinars, planning out our webinar revenue, and being totally badass. But I also know that a bunch of you weren’t able to come, and that’s totally fine too.

UPDATE: Aww you missed it! Make sure to get on my list so you get notified about future free workshops!

We’re talking about the scrappy, guerrilla ways that Jenna Soard and I have put together webinars using all free technology, so you can do your first webinar ASAP no matter what your business budget is!

I’m really excited about this!

This is going to be a tech training/tutorial AND a strategy session, and you really don’t want to miss it.

The training will be available for sale after the webinar, but if you sign up you’ll get access to it for free for a few days!

UPDATE: It was a hit! If you missed it, make sure to get on my list so that doesn't happen again :)

I’m going to be teaching the strategy about setting up and promoting your webinar, and my business bestie and Squarespace maven Jenna Soard, from You Can Brand/Launch Your Space is going to cover the tech stuff in a super simple step by step training.

You might not have even realized that you could do webinars with Squarespace, so we’re going to show you how to set up the whole thing - it’s an awesome way to have your first webinar without spending too much to start up.


How to Do Badass Webinars with Squarespace

This workshop is happening Friday August 21st @ 6 PM Eastern (3 PM Pacific)


We’re going to show you:

  • How to host your first webinar with $0 overhead FOR FREE

  • Squarespace vs. LeadPages: When to use which and the pros and cons explained, how to choose the best webinar platform for your needs

  • What FREE tech tools you can use to have a successful webinar even if you have a little budget and big ideas

  • Why you need to do your first webinar ASAP - no matter what platform you're using

  • Plus a LIVE Q & A Session with Mariah and Jenna about making money with webinars and how to set them up in DIY / affordable ways


When Jenna and I put our brains together - we tend to come up with some crazy hacks, awesome work arounds, and a-ha moments - and we want to share them with you!

Promise you’ll walk away with lots of actionable, practical lessons that you can implement this week!

Even if you already came to Webinar Rockstar™, I promise you will learn tons of new things in this workshop!

We’re talking about alternative ways to do your webinars, and Jenna has her own experiences to share as well :)