MailChimp & Email Lists: Tech Training and Webinar (Beginners Welcome!)

Each week I send some cool stuff to my gang (yeah we're super tough, leather jackets and all that) via email.

My emails are sent using a program called MailChimp!

UPDATE: The training was a hit! You can grab the 90-minute tech tutorial right here.

This webinar and training has been requested again and again. I'm excited to put it together for you and show you how I use this awesome platform!

You're going to learn how to set up your list, design & create your campaigns, build templates that fit your brand, and much more.

Beginners are welcome!

This is a basic to intermediate workshop, so grab it now and learn how to use this simple email system.

In this tech training I covered in detail...

  • All of the MailChimp basics such as creating your list, designing your first newsletter, and sending out your campaigns.
  • How to customize and personalize your MailChimp emails to fit your branding and business
  • How to create TEMPLATES in MailChimp, so you can easily re-use your own branded, designed emails.
  • Setting up your "welcome" sequence that rocks so it isn't just the boring robot saying "you are confirmed". 
  • How to use Segments and Groups (and how I set up my lists when I have multiple opt-ins on my site).
  • Full demo of how to set up your lists, newsletters, and templates, PLUS A LIVE Q +A.