Sneak Peek: Take a Launch Your Signature Course™ Lesson Yourself And See How You Like It!

Have you ever wanted to “try on” a pair of shoes before you bought them online?

I know I have!

“Try it before you buy it” is common in most businesses - but in online programs, it can be a little tricky to get a feel for what you’re getting before you take the leap.

That’s why we’ve decided to open up an actual lesson (yes, some of our paid content!) from our premium program Launch Your Signature Course™, for a limited time.

For a few days (until May 15th at 5 pm) you can test out an actual lesson from our program and see if you like it!

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This is just ONE lesson of a step by step program that takes you from step zero (even if you have no idea, no niche, and no list) to launching your signature online course in 90 days.



So try out a lesson on us, and then enroll in Launch Your Signature Course™ to get all 10 modules, all the easy to understand technical trainings, and all of the implementation bonuses too!

To “try out” the lesson “Course Math: The Surprising Math Behind a Six Figure Per Year Course Business”, click here!

This lesson will show you:

  • How to discover how much you’d like to make with your online course (full-time income? Side-income? It’s up to you!)

  • How much work goes into different levels of course revenue

  • How to actually reach your course revenue goals in 4 different scenarios (and a combo)

  • How achievable it really is to create a successful course business, whether you choose to go evergreen or open/close launches!