4 - 6 pm @ Kowloon: Closed-door Q & A panel with Mariah, Megan & the entire Femtrepreneur Team. Ask us anything about how Mariah got started, how we are running a 7-figure course business, behind the scenes - anything!

6 - 7 pm @ Kowloon: We'll sit down and have an intimate dinner together, you get a chance to get acquainted with the other entrepreneurs at the meetup!

7 - 10pm @ Kowloon: Mix and mingle with Mariah, the Femtrepreneur Team, your new Femtrepreneur Friends, and more. Lots of selfies will be happening!

10 pm we head to The Verb: We'll leave Kowloon and head back to our hotel, The Verb Hotel in Boston. We'll be hosting a casual "after party" there for anyone who wants to keep chatting!

*Dinner is included with your ticket! However, you are responsible for your own transportation, hotel, and accommodations!