If you're wondering if you should come, or if it will be worth it: YES, YOU SHOULD!

The people you will meet, the opportunities and connections that will be made, the experience - it’s priceless. It will change everything. 

Going to a live event is like NOTHING else. It’s not like chatting on skype, or going to a webinar. It’s incredible connection and things will happen that you can’t imagine right now. You never know who you’ll meet. People who you will collaborate with to get to the next level. 

This live connection is so important. It’s easy to get lost in the Twitter and Periscope world where connections “feel” pretty darn real! But this is a whole other level. These friendships you create will last for life. It’s an incredible opportunity.

And of course we’ll get to meet too! 

Let me tell you about the year BEFORE I started my first blog.

This is a story about how I ended up with 3 major affiliates for my first ever course launch as a total newbie - and had a 5-figure launch as a direct result.

The year BEFORE I started my camper blog, I went to as many in-person conferences as I possibly could. All in all, I went to about 10-12 live events that year. I didn't have anything in place yet - no website, no email list, no tech set up or anything.

All I had was an idea. I knew that at some point in the future, I would be starting a website about campers. I knew that if I wanted it to be successful quickly when it did finally launch, I would need some connections in that niche.

The best way to make those connections? Live, in person events and conferences.

Nothing beats that real-life connection. You simply can't replicate it through email or on Skype.

So I spent that entire year BEFORE starting a blog just meeting people at conferences and events and introducing myself. I simply told people, "I'm Mariah. I don't have a blog yet but I'm going to start one soon. It will be all about my adventures renovating campers." and I got the contact info from anyone who thought that was cool.

A year later, I finally got my act together and set up a blog (took my long enough!). When I went to launch my blog and course (right after the new site was up) I already had lots of contacts in my niche.

I sent out emails to everyone I had met and connected with.

"Hey! It's Mariah! We met at the conference last April, I'm the girl who was wearing that funny sweater. Well I just launched my new website (I told you I would!) and I'm working on launching a course too. Would you be able to help me spread the word?"

I'm 100% sure that these people said yes to promoting me to their audiences of 100,000+ email subscribers even as a newbie because we had a personal connection.

That's why live events are important.

You can't build your business alone, without a community of people who you know in real life.