I've been building businesses since 2008. After being in a touring punk band for a few years, I decided I wanted income in between tours and got started online. I started out selling vintage clothes and sunglasses I would find at thrift stores, and flipping them online. Then I purchased and renovated vintage camper trailers for a few years. I became a public speaker, developed a proprietary curriculum for high school girls that I toured around the country, and even did freelance museum curation. 

Then, after burning out on selling physical products and my crazy speaking/teaching travel schedule, I began to pursue "online courses" to get some REAL freedom back. I set a goal to replace my dollars-for-hours income with leveraged, passive online courses. Soon after, I had made thousands of dollars selling a course about living in a vintage camper. That was years ago!

It changed everything and set me on the path I am on today - helping people turn their weird passions and unique skills into leveraged digital products.