TFS 013: How to Add Affiliate Income to Your Revenue Stream with Addi Ganley

TFS 013: How to add affiliate income to your revenue stream with Addi Ganley | Femtrepreneur Co.

Many course creators feel like they’re trapped in the “launch to launch” cycle– constantly waiting for the income from their next launch to come in. In this episode, we’re joined by Addi Ganley of and for a conversation on escaping this cycle by setting up streams of passive income. We discuss how to master affiliate marketing, the benefits of simplifying your courses and pricing them low, and how you can confidently ask your audience what products they truly want to purchase!


Topics Discussed in this Episode: 

  • Introducing Addi Ganley (01:30) 
  • Deciding to treat your blog like a business (04:30) 
  • Setting standards and monetizing Frugal Fantatic (05:25) 
  • When should I start an email list? (10:30) 
  • Trends in revenue jumps (11:30) 
  • Selling products in a “saving money” industry (12:20) 
  • Keeping it simple: Lessons learned from Addi’s first launch (15:20) 
  • How to survey your audience (19:40) 
  • Affiliate marketing: Breaking free from the launch-to-launch economy (23:25) 
  • Addi’s Pinaffiliate concept (29:50) 
  • Passive Income Without a Product (34:15) 
  • Struggles and challenges (36:50) 
  • Predictions and goals for the future (40:00) 

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Resources Discussed in this Episode: 


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