The only metric you should be paying attention to in your business

...Your Happiness!

Haha! No, just kidding. I mean, that’s important too, but we’re here to cut the bullshit and talk business right?

I used to get really caught up in the numbers. 

"What are your monthly uniques?"

"How many followers do you have?"

"How big is your “list”?"

"How many retweets do your posts get?"

blah blah blah. 

That stuff doesn’t matter to your business (trust me, I know, because for the longest time I made the mistake of thinking that it meant EVERYTHING). 

Those metrics AREN’T your business. They are a part of it, sure, but they aren’t what brings in revenue. 

And that’s the only metric that matters (because without it, you have a hobby, not a business). 


You don’t get paid to tweet, you don’t get paid for hitting “publish” on a blog post, and you don’t get paid to count your page views. They are seriously a teensy part of your business. 

You get paid by creating and launching products, selling out your programs and workshops, and getting clients. 

The only metric I look at these days is revenue (and cash flow, and expenses, all that stuff). Who cares how many uniques you got last month if you’re making money and paying your bills? 

I don’t fret over other people’s page views and follower counts, which seem astronomical to me. I don’t focus on that, because that’s not my business. My business is about creating, producing, selling, launching, and working with people. And once I started paying less attention to those unimportant metrics, the one that actually mattered INCREASED (like, doubles each and every month). 

I started focusing ONLY on the tasks that brought in revenue, and only looking at that metric. (Gotta love that graph with all the $$ signs on it, right?). 

I had read about doing this in a few books and blog posts - how to focus ON the business and stop spending so much time and energy on the things that don’t really matter that much. I really didn’t understand what these people were talking about at the time. I was like, my blog is my business, so naturally all the blogger metrics must matter? Not so much. 

Here’s what you need to do:

Make a list of the top 3 (only 3!) tasks, actions, items, etc that actually directly lead to more revenue for your business. 

Those are the tasks I need to focus on in order to increase my major metric - cash flow. 

Everything else that is not a top priority gets done AFTER those things. I spend 80% of my day creating, and 20% doing admin, updates, social media, etc. Another way to do this is set aside ONE day a week to schedule social media (hello, Buffer), write and pre-schedule the week’s blog posts (on your own blog), and other maintenance stuff. The rest of the week should be focused on ONLY doing things that make you money. 

I know it can be hard to start a business and not know how to prioritize. At first, you might not even KNOW what things you do actually directly lead to increased sales, and that’s okay. You’ve got experiment to figure that out. It’s unique for each person and business. 

But when you do see what actions lead to more revenue, keep doing those things. Don't get distracted by the numbers that don't matter.

What are the three things that lead to the most increased revenue for you in your business? Tell me in the comments!