An Overnight Success Years in the Making

An Overnight Success Years in the Making

Lately I’ve noticed this strange dichotomy in my industry. It’s made me feel pulled in two directions at the same time. It makes you question when you’re honest, and then question when you’re more reserved with personal things like numbers, experience, and other metrics.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

If you share your personal results and success, people might say things like:

  • “That’s not realistic for EVERYONE to achieve that! Bah!”

  • “Is she bragging about her success and rubbing it in our faces?”

  • “That seems really unrealistic, I have a full time job and 3 kids and I never work on Sundays!”


It’s true, when I share my results, numbers, and other metrics with you, I’m not promising you’ll have them too (and certainly not without incredible discipline, hard work, and hustle).

I’m sharing them with you because when I first started out, I read income reports and other people’s numbers and success stories like crack because it fueled me.

It still does. I look at what EOFire can do and it tells me that we can grow like that too. It’s comforting to me, makes me feel like it’s super achievable because you see someone else do it.

I want you to know me and know my experiences before you buy something from me.

I want you to feel like you can trust my story and my results - and you need to decide that for yourself.

Some people have a sort of “rags to riches” story or a very well-crafted “brand story” that they do the whole spiel on webinars.

This is not that.

Make Micro-Investments in Yourself and Grow Your Business: 30 Micro-investments from $5 - $50 with Big ROI For Your Blog & Biz

Make Micro-Investments in Yourself and Grow Your Business: 30 Micro-investments from $5 - $50 with Big ROI For Your Blog & Biz

I’ve always believed that anyone with enough willpower and internet savvy can start a business with zero startup capital.

I often hear people in the business world talking about how they can’t even get started without that $100,000 in seed money, and that just seems crazy to me.

There are too many awesome small businesses you can start with practically zero overhead. Blogging and digital products are a few good examples.

For a long time, I was passionate about running my own businesses with no overhead - using free software, free tools, and DIYing every single little thing.

Hell, I wouldn’t have even spent $1.99 on an ebook I was that hardcore about free.

When I first started blogging I was afraid of making monetary investments, such as using a paid blog, because I was anxious I wouldn’t be able to make any money and wouldn’t be able to cover those expenses.

Over time I’ve come to realize how even tiny little micro-investments in your business can add up to a big return (in profit, sanity, and time saved).

Making micro-investments in yourself and your business can be a major factor in success.

Micro-investments can mean anything from paying for hosting and your own custom domain, spending a bit more cash on a custom logo, opting into the paid version of apps and software, or taking a course to improve your skills.

Even putting $5 or $10/month into something can make a big impact!

These micro-investments (most only cost a few bucks a month) can come back to you in more income, more productivity, and more profit.

So if you have a bit of cash to invest in your biz - no matter how tiny - read on.

This post will clue you into some micro-investments you can make in your company that will make your life easier and your business or blog more profitable. Seriously, skip dinner out one night, and invest in your blog and business. You’ll be glad you did.

10 Ways to Go From Blogger To Business Owner (without ads, sponsors, or tons of traffic)

10 Ways to Go From Blogger To Business Owner (without ads, sponsors, or tons of traffic)

If you’ve done my free course Build a Profitable Blog, you know that I am not a fan of putting ads in your sidebar or trying to monetize with affiliate links, because it dilutes your brand, clutters your site, takes way to long to make real money, plus a hundred other reasons.

So if I’m taking those outdated ways of monetizing your blog off the table, what are we left with?

What are the best ways to go from Blog to Business? 

This can be an awkward transition - I know because I’ve been there. 

Two and half years ago I put my first “services” page up on my blog, officially becoming a “business”. After writing free content for many years, and selling physical products full-time, going from blog to business was a big decision.

But I knew that if I wanted the freedom to travel, the financial stability, and the life I was designing - that I’d have to take the leap. I don’t really have to say this - but yeah, I’m glad I did!

If you’re on the cusp, and ready to go from hobby blog to business without selling out or wasting your time, this is for you.

If you’re wondering how to turn your blog into a business without turning OFF your readers and driving them away, this is how.

And if you know you want to start earning money from blogging but are sick of hearing the same lame-ass advice about affiliate marketing and ad space, read on.

Today I’ve got 10 ways to turn your blog into a business, in totally awesome, non-icky ways your readers will LOVE.