Build a Profitable Blog, the epic new FREE email course from Femtrepreneur, is here.

You've probably been told by an "expert", or read somewhere on the Internet:

  •     You need tons of traffic to make money blogging.
  •     You need a huge email list of raving fans to make a living selling your stuff.
  •     You need to promote other people’s products, plaster your site with ads, and sell your soul to make big money online
  •    You need to have tons of money, equipment, and tech know-how to  create an online business + super successful blog.
  •     You need to have big social media followings before you make real quit-your-day-job money with your blog.

Lies, lies, lies.

If you're waiting to grow your traffic before launching a product, or focusing on social media to promote your blog, or thinking that you're going to make a living with ads or affiliate links - you're making a huge mistake.

I created Build a Profitable Blog, the free email course from Femtrepreneur, because I see a lot of people sharing blogging advice from 5 years ago that just doesn't apply anymore and I want to show you a different approach to making a living with your blog, skills, and obsessions.

If you're starting a blog today, and you're taking the advice of people that started blogging 5-10 years ago about monetizing your traffic with ads, promoting other people's products, etc - you're going to be in trouble. I was getting really irritated because I kept seeing people regurgitating the same old blogging advice that doesn't even work anymore.

And I’m sure YOU’VE been getting really irritated too because you’re making pennies with your blog, and no one’s joining your email list, and it’s all because you’re following blogging advice that doesn’t work. Maybe it worked 5 years ago - but not anymore.

When I set out to monetize my blog I read SO MANY blog posts and eBooks and guides about it - they all said the same thing. The same five ways to make money with your blog. I tried them all. None of them worked for me. And more importantly, those monetization strategies weren't even fun. They all kinda sucked.

So I did something different. I stopped doing what everyone else was doing and did my own thing. Guess what? It worked. I'm not regurgitating other people's advice here - it's tried and tested by yours truly.

So that's what Build a Profitable Blog is all about. It's to help you de-mystify making money with your blog, to debunk all the blogging myths that people keep spreading, and to show you a better way.

Go sign up here, it's 100% free.