How we redesigned the Femtrepreneur website to function better, convert more subscribers, and make more sales.

The site is looking slightly different today!

Finally, after a year of not updating the site in any real way, we updated the design, the template, and the functionality of our home base.

As you may know, all of our sites are on Squarespace. We looooove Squarespace and are obsessed with how easy it is to use and edit.

The biggest change is that we switched templates.

We had been using “Bedford”, a Squarespace template, for about a year. It had served us really well. Our site converts hundreds of email subscribers every day.

But we also came to be bothered by certain limitations of the template. Just little tiny things that I couldn’t do to make the site look the way I wanted it to.

We switched to “Pacific” and it solved 99% of those issues! We love this new template. It’s super flexible and can do anything we want!

All in all, this project took about a day and a half to complete.

Yep, a complete redesign from the ground up in a day! Using Megan Minns’ Website in a Box course/template, it didn’t take long!

How we redesigned the Femtrepreneur website to function better, convert more subscribers, and make more sales. | Femtrepreneur Co.

I recorded a video walking you through the before and after of the redesign. I take you through the site and explain all the issues we were having - design, functionality, ease of use, etc.

Then I unveil the new design and walk you through the strategic decisions we made to make the site more user friendly, to help solve some of our common customer service inquiries, and to convert even more leads and sales.


Why we needed an update - bad!

There were 5 main things that we needed to change on our current site.

In general, it kinda felt like our content and products were bursting at the seams with the design.

We had the same layout for a site that had added tons of new blog posts, multiple new freebies and opt-ins, and 3+ new products since the design first went live.

A lot had changed over the year - and the site had just been kinda hap-hazardly added to to accommodate more content, more downloads, and more courses.

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1. Confusing Navigation

Honestly, having 7 things in the navigation is way too much. I couldn’t prioritize what was important so I have tons of navigation links. This made the user experience confusing and overwhelming.

Action for you: Which navigation links can you eliminate? Are there too many things to click on at the top of your site? Simplify it.


2. No clear path to follow

As we added new content and the Femtrepreneur brand evolved, our content evolved too. We used to write about all types of businesses. Now we solely focus on list-building, webinars, and online courses (and each of those topics is connected to creating courses, our overarching niche).

There was no good way for people to find what they wanted to read or what was relevant to them. In the video I talk about the “Path” section of the site and how it helps people find the content that they need at the time.

Action for you: What path do you want your reader to take? Opt in for a freebie, then get an email sequence? Sign up for your next live webinar? Think about what action they should take, and make it easy for them!


3. There was no rhyme or reason to our “Courses” organization.

This to me was the biggest thing we needed to fix. Basically, over the past year we created and launched 4 new courses and a bunch of other small offerings. But the site was not designed with the end in mind - so creating a “courses” page never happened.

As a result, our “courses” drop down menu was a disaster. It made no sense at all :) In the video, I talk about how badly it functioned and what our biggest issues were.

We get emails every day from potential students asking us what course they should start with. We set out to solve this issue with the design of the site. I’m excited to see if it helps guide people on the right path.


4. We had a sales page on our main site. Yikes.

When I launched Your First 1K, I made the mistake of putting the sales page as a page on our site. I recommend people get a separate domain and separate site for their premium courses. But I hadn’t done that with this one, probably because I wasn’t sure if Femtrepreneur would become successful.

This just looked unprofessional, it’s confusing when a sales page has navigation on it, all around not a great sales experience for the buyer. And it limited the branding of the course itself.

So as part of this redesign, we also re-did the entire Your First 1K sales page on it’s very own website and domain. It looks pretty sexy :)

I had been wanting to update the Your First 1K sales page since it first launched. The sales page just didn’t do the course or content justice. And we had tons of new testimonials we needed to show off, so we redesigned the new sales page to focus on our amazing students!


5. My free course opt in page was a hot mess.

One of the things that drove me nuts was that the entire site was done piecemeal and over time at different periods over a few months, and nothing about it was cohesive. This was especially true of Build a Profitable Blog, our free course that more than 12,000 people have gone through to date.

The page was like it’s own mini brand in the worst way possible. So cringe-worthy. I did the best I could at the time, but now I’m that looked SO BAD. ha!

I wanted to give it the attention it deserved - there are so many free courses out there, and I know ours is top notch, and I wanted to make a really nice “sales page” for it even though it’s free, to make it stand out.

I talk about all the strategy behind this in the video, too.

The strategy behind the new design:

So in the video I’ll show you the big changes we made but our overall goal was to simplify the design, and make it easier for people to find what they need easily and quickly.

  • We simplified the Navigation, and I got it down to 4 links! *Patting myself on the back*.
  • We added a “start here” page that helps people find the best content for them depending on where they are at in their business - beginner, intermediate, more advanced. We point people in the right direction.
  • I updated my About page to reflect the evolution of Femtrepreneur and how the brand has changed over time. I focused in on the copy and made sure everything was up to date.
  • We added the “Courses” page, to me the most important page, with a clear step-by-step path of what course to start with, which one to do when, and how to know which course is for you.

I’m hoping this new organization helps people figure out where to start and creates a place to see all that we offer in our product suite in a chronological order.

I have some action items for you after you watch the video and see the new site:

How can you simplify your site? How many links or buttons do you have?

What action do you want people to take? Is that being expressed through the design and function of your site now?

How can you add optimizations for converting visitors into subscribers and then into customers?

Is it clear how you can help your audience and new visitors? Can they easily find what they need and is most relevant to them?

Does your website need a refresh? Not converting readers into subscribers and making you sales 24/7? Time to fix that!