Um, if this is really so great, why is this free?

Because I see a lot of people sharing blogging advice from 5 years ago that just doesn't apply anymore and I want to show you a different approach to making a living with your blog, skills, and obsessions. I love helping other people build big, badass businesses.

And honestly? I hope that when you take this free course you'll think of me fondly. That you'll join me in creating badass businesses and blogs. And that you'll think to yourself, hmm, this lady is on to something.


Is this just a bunch of “everybody knows that” / “I’ve read a hundred blog posts about this” kind of things?
Nope. I don’t think so. When I set out to monetize my blog I read SO MANY blog posts and eBooks and guides about it - they all said the same thing. The same 5 ways to make money with your blog. I tried them all. None of them worked for me. And more importantly, those monetization strategies weren't even fun.

So I did something different. I stopped doing what everyone else was doing and did my own thing. Guess what? It worked. I'm not regurgitating other people's advice here - it's tried and tested by yours truly.

Who are you anyway?
Oh hey! I'm Mariah. I like to build profitable blogs, create sold-out-every-time products and programs, and help you do the same. I like to listen to 60's surf music when I'm working. I've been in a punk band since I was 13 and I love corgis (those little legs!).

What else is there to know? Oh right - the blogging business stuff:  I grew my first blog from 0 to six figures in less than a year. I did this not by selling ad space or putting affiliate links in my blog posts. I build profitable blogs that create real value for real people, and I believe in creating and selling your own stuff.

Today, I'm running more than 4 businesses and I continue to experiment, build, grow, and launch new projects.